Ritchie Calls On Ulster Bank to Reimburse Customers


SDLP South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has spoken to senior Ulster Bank officials to emphasise the need for them to fully reimburse Ulster Bank customers following the failure of the bank’s computer system.

Ms Ritchie said: “Many customers are still experiencing difficulties with Ulster Bank in that they haven’t been fully reimbursed for the money they lost as a result of the bank’s computer system failure.  This has been compounded by a complete lack of communication from the bank throughout the difficulties their customers have been experiencing.

“Ulster Bank has thousands of personal customers in the South Down area and hundreds of business accounts. The bank has said that they will refund bank charges, out of pocket expenses, and will address any issues with credit ratings.  They also said that they would put forward agreements with other banks to pay these charges back to their customers, for which they will then be reimbursed but in many instances this has not happened.

“I urge Ulster Bank to expedite this process so that everyone who lost out is fully reimbursed.”


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