Retail NI Boss Concerned Over Food Supplies


Will your food shopping bag be half empty after a hard Brexit?

Commenting on the ongoing uncertainty over Brexit, Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts has challenged Minister Michael Gove’s remarks on the Marr show on Sunday morning saying that there would be no food shortages after a no-deal Brexit,

Retail NI boss expresses his concerns over food supplies in a post- Hard Brexit scenario.

Glyn Roberts said: “The Minister is mistaken in his assertion that there will be no shortage of fresh food. We agree with our NI Retail Consortium rr colleagues that lettuce, tomatoes, soft fruit and other fresh produce will face significant delays in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

“Any delay to our ‘just in time’ supply chain will have huge implications for suppliers, retailers and the logistic sectors in Northern Ireland.

Glyn Roberts, Chief Executive of Retail NI.

“This does not just include large supermarkets; this will impact on local convenience and family-run fruit and veg stores in every village, town and city in Northern Ireland.

“A withdrawal deal is essential to avoid the economic disaster of crashing out of the EU on Thursday 31st October.

Mr Roberts also expressed concern over local preparation for Brexit with Executive departments. He said: “Retail NI and NIRC have concerns about the flow of information to businesses at ground level and coordination with Government departments.

“We believe that there is an immediate need for a reference group to be convened, chaired by the head of the NI Civil Service. Our key message is –help us to get your preparation communications out to those who need it most.”