Public Warned of Traffic Congestion at Start of G8 in Belfast


People planning to travel into Belfast City Centre on Monday are being advised to leave additional time and use public transport to avoid being caught in traffic congestion.

Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy said that a planned welcome visit by President Obama to Belfaston Monday morning could result in potentially significant traffic disruption.dn_screen

Danny Kennedy said: “Delays are expected in the city centre as the PSNI has advised of closures on the Sydenham Bypass, M2 and Oxford Street for a time in the morning. It is very likely that there will be major disruption to city centre traffic on Monday morning, potentially for a number of hours

“Our advice is that people should only travel into Belfast on Monday morning if they have to. For those that do, my strong advice is to plan to be in work or school before 8am or travel later and, if at all possible, use public transport. Translink has arranged extra capacity on buses and trains to cope with any additional demand and the availability of bus lanes means that such services are likely to face less delays than general traffic.

“Finally, for those people intending to travel to the airport ensure that you plan to arrive early, and check in advance with your airline that there are no problems expected.”