Protect Your Single Farm Payment Entitlements Says O'Neill


Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Michelle O’Neill, today reminded farmers of the rule governing the activation of Single Farm Payment (SFP) entitlements.

Every farmer has to have an entitlement for each hectare of eligible land on which they wish to claim SFP. The EU regulations require farmers to activate each of their SFP entitlements at least once every two years. If the entitlements are not activated as required, the unused entitlements may be taken from the farm business.dn_screen

Urging farmers to make sure they complied with the EU requirement, the Minister said: “In these challenging economic times, it is especially important that farmers maximise their payment of SFP and take any appropriate steps to preserve their full entitlement in the future. My Department will be writing to farmers over the coming days to remind them to check that they are activating each of their SFP entitlements at least once every two years.”

The Minister added that the vast majority of recipients of the reminder letter will not lose any entitlements as the Department automatically activates those entitlements which farm businesses could lose if they are not activated in 2014. She said: “When farmers receive these letters they should check their own individual circumstances and satisfy themselves that they are complying with the rule about activating their entitlements. As long as they declare enough eligible hectares to support their SFP claim, my Department will, where possible, automatically activate for them entitlements that might be at risk in 2014.”

Farmers who do not expect to have enough eligible land to activate the entitlements not activated in 2013 may wish to consider transferring these entitlements to another farm business which could activate them in 2014.

The recently issued CAP Reform consultation covers the method for allocating entitlements for the 2015 scheme year onwards. The consultation document is available on:

and the closing date for responses is 17 January 2014.

Farm Businesses may wish to seek advice from the farming unions, UFU or NIAPA, as CAP Reform decisions are taken.