Portaferry RNLI Lifts Woman And Dog From Island On Lough


Portaferry RNLI Rescues Woman And Dog On Rough Island On Strangford  Lough.

Portaferry RNLI’s ‘Bluepeter V’, Atlantic 85 class lifeboat puts the woman and dog safely ashore at Island Hill.

Early on Tuesday 6 March 2018, a volunteer crew from Portaferry RNLI was tasked to go the aid of a woman stranded on one of Strangford Lough’s many islands.

The woman had been walking her dog on Rough Island, a small island which lies just off Island Hill in Strangford Lough between Newtownards and Comber, County Down.

The island is accessible on foot at low tide via a concrete causeway connecting the mainland to the small island, however, the woman had been cut off when the causeway became submerged due to the incoming tide.

The weather at the time was partly cloudy with good visibility and the volunteer RNLI crew were quickly on scene.

The woman, and her dog, were then taken on board the lifeboat and transported the short distance to shore and into the safe hands of the waiting Bangor Coast Guard team.