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Police Follow Up On ASB reports In Mayobridge
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Police are aware of a number of incidents of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour in the Mayobridge and Warrenpoint areas at the weekend.

Constable Anthony McCartan said: “Police received two reports of criminal damage and one report of anti-social behaviour on Sunday, 5th August.

“The incidents included eggs, milk and flour being thrown at two cars in the Rath Road area of Warrenpoint sometime between 1:05am and 1:25am on Sunday morning. We received a further two reports of eggs thrown at a house and vehicle in the Clonafleece Road area of Mayobridge. Damage to a door was reported. It is believed this occurred sometime between midnight and 9:30am on Sunday.

“We received a further report of eggs being thrown at a house and a vehicle in the Mayo Road areas of Mayobridge. It’s believed this occurred sometime between midnight and 5:30am on Sunday.

“I fully understand the effect anti-social behaviour can have on communities. What might seem like fun to those involved, can be distressing to the people whose property is targeted.

“Police are here to listen to all community concerns and to work with local residents and partner agencies to find a solution to any issues. I would encourage the public to report any incidents of anti-social behaviour to police at the earliest opportunity in a bid to help us prevent and detect crime.

“Anyone with any information on recent incidents or with general concerns regarding anti-social should contact the local Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101.”