Pedal Power At Castle Ward


NI Water brought along a water efficiency bicycle recently to the Castle Ward National Trust property where they challenged the public to show their ‘pedal power’.

Promoting the water efficiency awareness campaign, staff handed out water efficiency packs and discussed with the public how to reduce water usage. With the average person in Northern Ireland using 145 litres of water daily, which is 70% more than 40 years ago, the education team gave advice on ways to reduce wasting water.

Turning off the tap when brushing teeth and using watering cans instead of hosepipes in the garden are efficient and easy ways to save water in the home.

The bike uses pedal power to pump water from a water butt through a hose into a bucket with the aim of pumping enough water to flush a toilet.

Erin Smyth, Jonathan Dlzell and Liam Smyth from Loughinisland testing their pedal power at Castle Ward.


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