Patrick Clarke Calls For Zebra Crossing Upgrade In Newcastle

press recently when a Newcastle woman was almost knocked down on two separate occasions along the Castlewellan Road zebra crossing. At present there are only three zebra crossings in Down District, one in Killyleagh and two in Newcastle.  Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has received a number of phone calls in recent days about the present Zebra crossings which he feels are totally inadequate for the two busy main roads leading into and out of Newcastle. Councillor Patrick Clarke said, “It has been brought to my attention by a number of concerned Newcastle residents who have experienced difficulty in crossing these present zebra crossings situated on the Dundrum road and Castlewellan road in Newcastle,  ” “At present there are only three zebra crossings in Down District, two of which are in Newcastle.  I am therefore calling on Roads Service to consider upgrading these present zebra crossings to controlled pedestrian crossings, which would be far safer and would also have controlled lighting to warn motorists of pedestrians crossing.” “It is clear that motorists are either not properly adhering or fully aware of the two present zebra crossings, which has resulted in a number of pedestrians being nearly injured or knocked down.” “I have therefore made urgent written representations to DRD Roads Service and also the Traffic Management Section of the PSNI, with a view to arranging a site meeting to discuss the upgrading of these two zebra crossings to controlled pedestrian crossings.” “In the meantime I will also continue to lobby to seek the remarking of the present Zebra crossings as well as signage until such times an upgrade can be approved on these two zebra crossings to controlled pedestrian crossings at the Dundrum Road and Castlewellan roads.”