Owen And Walker Act On Ballynahinch Sewer

Sewer Issue In Ballynahinch Causes A Stink Say DUP Councillors


Sewer Issue In Ballynahinch Causes A Stink Say DUP Councillors

If you are a pedestrian, don’t get splashed with water from a blocked drain at the corner of Lisburn Street in Ballynahinch… there may be sewage in it.

The issue is located at the bend from Lisburn Street round to Main Street outside UPS, Mauds and Poundland. It is “an ongoing issue.”

The overflowing drain at the corner of Lisburn Street in Ballynahinch that is causing issues to local businesses and pedestrians.

Rowallene DUP Councillors Kathryn Owen and Billy Walker regularly get complaints from businesses and resident alike regarding this storm drain at the Lisburn Street side of Ballynahinch.

Kathryn Owen said: “When I became a councillor, it was one of the first queries I received, and despite me making follow up enquires, nothing seems to be improving.

“Cllr Walker has been working on this for over three years, but we have now joined forces and written a joint letter to NI Water and Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon requesting something is done about this natter urgently.

“This drain contains raw sewage, making it an NI water issue. It is a severe health hazard.

“Also, Cllr Walker has previously had site meetings with Department of Infrastructure officials who said who that it doesn’t fall under their remit as it contains sewage.

“A site meeting had been arranged with Ni Water prior to COVID which was cancelled, and we are hoping that this will be reinstated.

“I would hope now with Cllr Walker and I joining forces, we may be able to get this issue resolved as a priority matter for our constituents.”

Local traders are concerned at the lack of progress on cleaning up this issue and fear the worst as raw sewage is in the water.