Orangeman Complains About His Culture Being Demonised


Dear Editor:

re: Orange Order being associated with the KKK.

“I think it is very disappointing that me and the other tens of thousands of Orangemen in Ulster and across the world have this week have been depicted the same as the KKK through the late Joseph McWilliams painting displayed in an RUA exhibition.

“Over the past week we have heard ythis called freedom of expression, but I do wonder would we see paintings in the museum depicting some of the many migrants crossing through many safe countries to get the UK wearing bomb vests? Would we see pictures in the museum of travellers sneaking around building stealing the lead from roofs or other items that to not belong to them? I think not. These are negative stereotypes.

“I do not believe this picture is freedom of expression at all. I believe it is a Quasi-political broadcast of the views of Irish Republicans toward the Orange Order. When the Orangemen walk the public streets to celebrate their culture is this not freedom of expression? When the Loyalist bands march the streets is this not freedom of expression and performing arts? Yet we are restricted at every opportunity and charged with criminal offences if any of the ridiculous restraints and restrictions placed on us and the bands are broken.

“Orangeism and Loyalism seems to be the only demographics in Ireland you are allowed to say and do anything to without the fear of consequences.

Stop demonising our culture. Yours, John Brennan. Saintfield.]]>