O'Neill Welcomes Penalty Points For Selling Alcohol To Underage Drinkers

DOWN District Councillor and the SDLP’s Social Development spokesperson Eamonn ONeill  has spoken out regarding measures that will be included  in the amended Licensing and Registration of Clubs Bill. Pubs, clubs, hotels and off licenses convicted of selling alcohol to minors will be awarded five or six penalty points… and once they have accumulated 10 they will face a closure of anywhere from one week to three months. The powers will also see on the spot closures up of to 24 hours for venues in the event of disorder, as well as new restrictions on irresponsible drinks promotions. Councillor O’Neill said, “I wholeheartedly welcome these proposals, as they will go some way to assist with the binge drinking habit that is becoming so prevalent right across the District and the North of Ireland. “I have no problem with those who have a sensible approach to alcohol. However, the downward spiral of binge underage drinking has to be addressed and I am pleased to see that my party colleague Alex Attwood has done this. “My issue is with the misuse of alcohol, and its effect on health and crime. Selling drink to people below 18 is wrong, reckless and needs to cease. “This bill affords greater flexibility to those who behave and do not abuse the system.  The number of late bars available to clubs will be increased to 85, and younger members of sporting clubs will be allowed to remain in the bar area until 10pm. “Also, this new legislation is expected to be introduced across the North of Ireland in September and I look forward to seeing its benefits on our local streets late at night,” he added. ]]>