ONeill Condemns Annsborough WWtW Repeated Vandalism


dn_screen Councillor ONeill said, “I understand that there has been a further break-in at the Sewerage Works in Annsborough and some of the Air Pumps have been vandalised as a result. “I firstly wish to condemn this and also appeal to the people involved in this activity to stop. These air pumps keep the bacteria alive that then processes the sewerage, however, when damaged the bacteria dies and the sewerage is untreated. “The result is pollution. “I would urge those involved to think of the local residents in the area as well as the Environment and to desist from this activity.  This plant is essential to the local waste water infrastructure.” The Annsborough WWtW was vandalised last year and considerable damage was done to a control panel and computers regulating the production at the plant.  ]]>