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O’Neill Announces Support For Rural Faith Based Community Engagement
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Rural Development Minister Michelle O’Neill has announced the award of funding to the Churches’ Community Work Alliance NI (CCWA) to enhance their programme of faith based community development in rural areas. 

Speaking today the Minister said: “The award of this contract represents an additional investment of £173,000 in rural areas over the next two years and achieves a North South Ministerial Council Agriculture commitment. This programme will increase support for rural faith based community development including working with churches and other faith based organisations.”dn_screen

The Minister went on to say: “This work will support my programme to address poverty and isolation in rural areas and provide a link to the opportunities that are expected to arise from the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. 

“I would encourage all engaged in faith based community work in rural areas to take up the support available through this programme.”

Welcoming the announcement Eddie McDowell, Director, CCWA said: “This additional funding will help us to improve our level of support to faith based organisations in rural areas in meeting the needs of their communities.”