Old Fivers To Be Withdrawn On Friday Says Retail NI


Do you have a suitcase of old fivers under the bed???

If so, you need to get them counted and take them to the bank by the Friday 5 May deadline or they will be virtually worthless.

Retail NI has issued a reminder to consumers and businesses to be aware that the old paper Bank of England £5 note will be withdrawn from circulation this Friday 5 May and will be replaced with the new polymer £5 note that features Sir Winston Churchill.

Glyn patterson of Retail NI reminding everyone that Friday 5th May is ‘Fiver Day’ when you have to hand in the old ones to the local banks and they will be replaced with the new ones. 

Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said: “2017 has seen big changes in our notes and coins, with the new £1 coin being introduced in March and now the old paper Bank of England £5 note being replaced with the new polymer version.”

“It is important for consumers, retailers and other businesses to be aware that on 5 May 2017, the older paper Bank of England £5 notes featuring Elizabeth Fry will be withdrawn from circulation.”

“After this time the paper notes will cease to be legal tender. The Bank of England will still exchange the old notes after this date – there is no time limit on this. Some businesses, banks and building societies may choose to continue accepting the paper notes after the withdrawal.”

“Businesses should not continue to dispense paper £5 notes after the 5 May 2017 and should ensure that their staff are fully aware of these changes, said,” Glyn Patterson.