Nuala Wills Opens Health And Wellbeing Clinic In Ardglass

Health and wellbeing practitioner Nuala Wills opens a clinic in Ardglass.

Health and wellbeing practitioner Nuala Wills opens a clinic in Ardglass.

Nuala Wills from Ardglass has had a very interesting professional journey as a health and wellbeing practitioner recently opening her own wellbeing clinic with the assistance of SEA FLAG. 

Nuala graduated from Salford University in Manchester in 2010 with a BSc in Sports Rehabilitation and has since worked and trained internationally in a variety of interesting areas, constantly developing and evolving her skills. 

Nuala Wills from Ardglass, health and wellbeing practitioner.

She said: “I treat a variety of conditions offering relief for chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety and gut health.

“Other conditions could be insomnia, migraines, and I frequently see extremely tight shoulders from people with desk-based jobs. The methods I use include manual therapy techniques, such as kinesio taping, acupuncture, reflexology and massage. I frequently post tips and information relating to these conditions on Instagram and Facebook @BeeWellNI.  

“My background is quite diverse – when I returned home after university, I worked predominantly with rugby players providing treatments and position specific rehabilitation for athletes who have went on to play for Ireland.

“This environment was fast paced with many contact injuries and a great buzz around match day. Then I travelled abroad for a number of years and worked for three winter seasons on the ski slopes in Switzerland at an exclusive resort.

“I provided massage treatments, and I worked on traumas such as sprains, the sort of injury you would expect on a ski slope and generally providing pain relief – ensuring people could ski and apres ski. 

“I spent some time on a super-yacht in the Mediterranean as a masseuse. It was privately owned by a billionaire who had two of these yachts and when we went to sea we would be followed by a smaller sailing yacht. It was an incredible experience and a fantastic way to see the world.  

“On my travels around the world I studied various holistic courses in Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Reiki and Ayurveda, training in Thailand, India, Nepal and Indonesia. I have learnt so much from other cultures about their techniques and understandings.

“I bring pieces of what I have learnt across the world back to my own clinic where I can proudly say I offer world class treatments.” 

And Nuala has been a busy bee – literally – as one of her hobbies is beekeeping! She said bees are fascinating and it’s a great way to make her contribution to saving the planet. She said: “Bees are so important for our ecosystems as they pollinate the plants around us. I love the community aspect of the hive, how the bees work together for the good of their colony, and the therapeutic benefits of honey. I felt it apt to incorporate the proactive, supportive and healing bee into my wellness brand.” 

“People often offload some of their anxieties when they are receiving a massage or a treatment and this is part of the work I do – a listening ear.” 

The treatment room.

Nuala explained fertility issues are on the rise with one in six couples are struggling to conceive.

She now does a lot more work with men and women addressing reproductive health using techniques in acupuncture, reflexology and abdominal massage.  “I work with couples trying to conceive and, to date, up to 2019, all of my fertility clients became pregnant which was truly incredible! I have a real passion for women’s health and love the life changing results. 

“Part of this work involves balancing hormones, increasing the circulation to reproductive organs and helping to reduce the levels of stress. 

“I also work to balance, and help manage and reduce the symptoms of painful periods, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and irregular cycles.  

“My massage treatments can last 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes and range from sports massage, deep tissue massage, or massages that are relaxing, to clinical massage which is aimed at injuries.

Nuala Wills, getting ready for an acupuncture treatment.

“You can also opt for a combination of massage and acupuncture for complete destress and tension release. All services are listed on my website: 

where you can also check my availability and book your appointment. 

“It is interesting that many people are now working from home and do not have their expensive office chairs to sit on. As a result, more people are starting to get neck and back problems through bad posture. 

“For example, a person who presents with a shoulder injury may arrive with a pain in that area. I ask them about the cause of injury, related symptoms and the injury pattern. I then examine them looking at the amount of movement that person may have with the joint and their pain response. Then I decide on what I believe to be the optimal treatment protocol which may include massage, trigger points, acupuncture, taping, stretching or exercises.  

“I try and reduce the tension in the area traumatised and resolve any adhesions that have arisen around the injury.  I work on releasing any inflammation build up. Then after the treatment I check the range of movement of the joint and compare it with when they presented with the injury or pain. I can do follow up treatments if required.  

“I have in recent years been working from my base in Belfast and have now opened up my clinic on the Downpatrick Road in Ardglass. It has always been a dream to open a clinic in my hometown, and I would like to thank Seaflag for making this possible.”

Why not gift someone with a voucher from BeeWellNI this Christmas ?

Nuala said that she has worked so hard to create a relaxing space and I hope my clients also enjoy this haven they can come to, to escape and rebalance. 

“I can also provide gift vouchers, ideal for a Christmas present!  

“These can be for a value of choice or for a specific treatment you would like to gift, starting with a 30 minute session for £30.” 

You can reach Nuala at:  

Tel: 07923697091 


Website at: 


Instagram: @beewellni 

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