NIIRTA Outlines Priorities For New NI MP's


The Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association (NIIRTA) has congratulated Northern Irelands newly elected Eighteen MP’s and urged them to hit the ground running in tackling the economic challenges ahead.

dn_screenNIIRTA Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said: “We congratulate our newly elected MP’s and look forward to working with them over the course of the new parliament.

“NIIRTA has set out a detailed 30 point plan (Retail First) which gives our MP’s a policy agenda for not just growing our Retail Sector, but our economy as a whole.

“Among our priorities for the new Parliament, include organising an International Infrastructure Investment Conference, City Deals for our five local cities, National Insurance Holidays for new businesses opening in areas of high unemployment and establishing a new Economic Advisory Council to advise the Secretary of State for NI on non-devolved issues.

“We need the right incentives and the right environment for our businesses and enterprises to thrive locally, nationally and across the world. That means we need appropriately trained staff – a workforce that can adapt and develop to the changing needs of consumers and trade.

“NIIRTA welcomes the progress made in reducing the national deficit, but this new Conservative Government should not cut, too far, too fast, to put at risk the recovery. We want to see the burden of taxation lifted on our members, allowing them to invest, grow and lead the charge in creating new job opportunities,“ added Glyn Roberts.