NIIRTA And UFU Presidents Hold Joint Meeting


The Presidents of the Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association (NIIRTA) and the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) have held a joint meeting to discuss challenges facing the Agri-Food sector and supply chain.

[caption id="attachment_51027" align="alignleft" width="390"]Officials from NIIRTA and the UFU have held a meeting. Officials from NIIRTA and the UFU have held a meeting.[/caption]

NIIRTA President Paul Stewart, CEO Glyn Roberts and Board member Rowan Black met with UFU President Ian Marshall, CEO Clarke Black and Policy Director Wesley Aston took part in the meeting.

NIIRTA President Paul Stewart said: “This was an excellent meeting covering the challenges facing the Agri-Food sector and issues around the supply chain

“Members pride themselves in supporting local producers and have a strong track record in sourcing the vast majority of their meat, poultry and produce from local suppliers.

“We need to see greater progress on implementing the Agri-Food Board Going for Growth report objectives to ensure we have a supply chain which works for farmers, producers and retailers.

“It is our hope that both our organisations will build upon our excellent relationship and work together to address challenges and policy development”

UFU President Ian Marshall said: “Local farmers and independent retailers have a lot in common, both being small, family run businesses in rural areas. They are central to many of our rural communities across Northern Ireland and we want to work with NIIRTA to build up a profitable supply chain between local farmers and their local independent retailers.

“We have explored areas of opportunity such as the potential for more emphasis on seasonal produce from Northern Ireland and the benefits of retailing fresh and genuinely local produce, in particular beef and lamb.”