NI Water Tells Crossgar Pupils About Water Cycle

Water Makes the World Go Round at the Holy Family PS in Crossgar

Water Makes the World Go Round at the Holy Family PS in Teconnaght

Teconnaught pupils learned that water makes the world go round. This is just one interesting fact pupils from Holy Family Primary School in the Crossgar area, learnt when NI Water’s education team came to visit to teach them all about the water cycle.

NI Water’s educational programme, ‘H2O and the Wonderful World of Water’, taught the children all about the Water Cycle.  Children learnt about the value of water, the different forms it takes, and what impact humans have on it. 

Pupils from the Holy Family Primary School in Teconnaght learn about the water cycle. Pictured is Anna Killen, NI Water Outreach and Learning Officer.

During the visit, the children were introduced to H20, a water drop figure and mascot for the programme. They learnt how rain water is cleaned and sewage is treated keeping the country healthy.

They took part in a ‘Bag it and Bin it’ activity to demonstrate what can and can’t be put down the toilet. The children were also introduced to NI Water’s chosen charity – Water Aid, who work to help those who have no access to safe water or sanitation.

NI Water’s Outreach and Learning Officer Anna Killen said: ‘‘NI Water places great importance on educating young people in the vital role water plays in our lives.  H2O is a fun way for children to learn about the water cycle, why water is essential for good health and how they can help to conserve this precious resource.  

“NI Water are guardians of the infrastructure, the networks and assets, but every one of us uses the service. Only together, as a company and a community, can we continue to protect our most valuable and precious asset… water.

“We are delighted with the positive feedback we have received from schools who have participated in NI Water’s educational programme. It’s a fantastic way for us to deliver what matters for the local community and educate future generations of water users.”

The programme is aimed at Key Stage 2 and is designed to complement a key element of the Northern Ireland Primary Curriculum – the ‘World Around Us’.

A teachers’ learning pack, with further classroom activities is available to download from: