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Ní Chuilín Supports Pioneering Research On Trout Stocks
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Inland Fisheries Minister Carál Ni Chuilín has announced funding for continuing research on trout stocks in Lough Neagh.

The Lough Neagh fishery and its tributaries are important to the communities around the Lough shores. The sustainable management of fish stocks and their habitats are vital and DCAL has commissioned the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) to undertake an extensive research programme to inform approaches to the long term sustainability of the Lough. Further research on trout stocks being undertaken by Queens University will establish the best genetic baseline data in Europe.dn_screen

The Minister said: “Queens University has been undertaking pioneering research on trout stock differentiation on Lough Neagh over the past 12 months which has provided important genetic baseline data.

“In view of the importance of this work, I am pleased to announce that my Department will provide funding of £30,000 to support the continuation of this research on a partnership arrangement with QUB, AFBI and the local community.

“Having access to fish samples is hugely important for the sustainability of fishing on Lough Neagh. I welcome the support of the Dollaghan Trust and commercial fishery interests on the Lough in providing QUB and AFBI with access to fish samples from across the Lough Neagh system. This independent scientific evidence will be vital to informing future management decisions and the development of a Fisheries Management Plan for Lough Neagh.”