Ní Chuilín Points Anglers The ‘nidirect’ Way

http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/angling. Minister Ní Chuilín said, “Angling has proven health benefits. I am keen to see more people take up the sport and become more active and healthy. Getting involved has now been made easier with everything you need available on nidirect.gov.uk The Minister added, “Not only can you purchase your rod licence and fishing permit online but you can also search the easy to navigate website to find information on what angling waters are available in your area.”

DCAL’s Mandy Wilson explains: “http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/angling has been designed with the citizen in mind and represents an important change in how government is interacting with the citizen. nidirect enables the public to easily search for information and to do business with government at a time that suits them. “Fishing information is laid out in an easy to read user-friendly way. The public can search by county to find out what angling waters are available in their local area. You can find out at the touch of a button which waters have recently been stocked and what sort of fishing is permitted there. Maps of fishing waters in the public angling estate are also available to view.” Remember you need a rod licence for fishing in the North of Ireland and a DCAL Permit to allow you to fish the public angling estate. These can now be purchased at http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/angling Why not go online at take a look at all the different types of licences and permits available. Licences are available in a different range from Juvenile to Over 60s. Prices start from as low £3.50!]]>