Newry and Mourne Businesses Told to Connect for Success


BUSINESSES across the Newry and Mourne area are being warned that they must get connected and harness the power of the internet if they wish to compete in the global marketplace.

That’s according to Dr Sinclair Stockman, Executive Director of Digital Northern Ireland 2020 (DNI 2020), who, in partnership with Newry and Mourne District Council, will be hosting a practical seminar on Thursday 9 May to help businesses learn how technology can be harnessed to radically change the way they operate.

“Globally, Northern Ireland offers businesses some of the best digital infrastructure available, but all too often companies across Northern Ireland aren’t making the most of the tools that they have available to them,” said Dr Stockman.dn_screen

“Digital technology could and is revolutionising the way business is done across the world and the infrastructure we have available right here in Northern Ireland has the power to enable our companies to take the lead globally.”

Attendees will here from a range of expert speakers who have all successfully embraced technology and hear about how Northern Ireland’s digital infrastructure is allowing businesses across the country to take a lead globally.

Councillor Jack Patterson, Chairman of the Newry & Mourne DC Economic Development Committee,said: “There are many success stories coming out of the Newry and Mourne area, but there could be more and this seminar will give us the opportunity to discuss how businesses can make the most of the digital technology available to them.

“So whether you are looking to get online, cut costs through cloud services or indeed take your business from local to global then come along and hear how we can help.”

The DNI2020 seminar will take place in the Canal Court Hotel on Thursday 9 May from 8am to 10.00am.

Registration begins at 7.30am and to register to attend log on to