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Newcastle Wins Awards in Translink Ulster In Bloom
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GARDENERS throughout Newcastle are celebrating after claiming the runners-up spot at the Best Station Award (Floral Station Category) at the 2012 Translink Ulster in Bloom Competition.

Newcastle Councillor Carmel O’Boyle said: “I would like to congratulate all of those involved who helped to achieve this prestigious award. I am just delighted that Newcastle once again has shown that it has something excellent to offer.  My congratulations must go to all the dedicated gardeners in Newcastle, and the Council staff who assisted.

“Newcastle makes a great effort and this can be seen by the marvelous colours and blooms in Bryansford each year as the local community make that extra special effort to create such great floral displays.”

Celebrating the award are Damien Morgan, Down District Council, Translink), Councillor Freda Donnelly (NILGA), Angela Coffey, NITHC, Kevin McKeaveney and Councillor Garth Craig at the recent Translink Ulster in Bloom 2012. (Photo by Brian Thompson/

Speaking at the results announcement ceremony at Belfast Castle, Angela Coffey, board member, NITHC/Translink, said: “I’d like to congratulate all those involved in Newcastle Bus Station‘s beautiful arrangements for their success, especially as the standard of entries in this year’s competition was exceptionally high. We hope such impressive displays will encourage even more people to get involved in Ulster in Bloom next year and to visit our towns, cities and villages to enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants on show.

“We launched this year’s competition by calling on local gardeners to plant more pollinator flowers as part of our Translink ‘Go Eco’ drive and partnership with Business in the Community to champion Biodiversity. We were pleased to see that many of this year’s participants embraced this initiative and are helping support insect life and biodiversity throughout Northern Ireland,” said Angela.

Councillor Freda Donnelly, Northern Ireland Local Government Association, said: “It is my pleasure and privilege to represent the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) and convey their admiration, appreciation and encouragement to all the Councillors, Councils, the local ‘In-Bloom’ committees and the many people who support and actively participate in the Translink Ulster in Bloom Competition.

“As a Councillor I recognise the improvements in my constituency area of Armagh, I am very conscious of the savings that can be achieved for rate-payers through involvement in the Competition.  A feeling of ownership by the residents is very helpful in combating vandalism and the nuisance of anti – social behaviour, besides providing education through good example.  An attractive environment also has a positive impact on tourists, encouraging them to visit, which consecutively supports the local economy.

Duncan McCausland, board member, Northern Ireland Tourist Board, added: “We are proud to have worked with Ulster in Bloom over the last number of years and commend the enthusiastic efforts and hard work of all the entrants. 2012 is a big year for Northern Ireland and it is great to see how this year, the special ni2012-themed category has offered another chance to showcase the ‘Giants’ of Northern Ireland.

“This competition plays an important role in making Northern Ireland a must-see destination by bringing colour and vibrancy to our towns and villages creating an appeal for both domestic and international visitors.  And of course this helps to increase our own civic pride in where we live.”

The Translink Ulster in Bloom Competition is organised by the Northern Ireland Local Government Association with the support of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.