Newcastle Police Tell Outlets To Beware of Shoplifters


POLICE in Newcastle are advising shopkeepers to reassess the security of valuable items of stock in their premises.

They warn that small but valuable items such as perfume and make up are particularly vulnerable to the activities of thieves.  However larger items of clothing such as jackets and dresses are also targeted.
“With the warmer weather there is an increase in visitors to the town and we are asking business people to try to restrict access to items of this kind, particularly if they are located close to the main doors;” said Sergeant James McIlveen of Newcastle Neighbourhood Policing Team.  “Try to ensure that a member of staff is close by and that the items are covered by the shop’s CCTV system.dn_screen
“One ‘trick’ to be aware of is the use of bags lined with tinfoil; thieves use these to put their stolen good in as the tinfoil helps avoid the beeper on the way out of a shop.  We would also advise that only a limited amount of money should be kept in tills. If money builds up, it should be taken frequently to a bank or night safe, but avoid creating patterns.
“If you need to keep cash on the premises, ensure that it is in a safe that is kept locked at all times, and also ensure that doors to private areas are kept locked and only accessible to staff.
“Valuables belonging to staff, such as handbags, wallets coats and mobile phones, should be kept in these secure areas, preferably in locked cupboards.
“If you haven’t got it already it is also worth considering installing a good quality closed-circuit television system that acts as a deterrent and can help identify offenders.”
Any further crime prevention advice can obtained from your local Neighbourhood policing team on 0845 600 8000.