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Newcastle Planning Finally Flowing After WWTW Log Jam
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THE new Waste Water Treatment Works treatment plant at the Harbour went live last (Thursday 29 May).

Tests will continue for the next ten days to ensure that everything is working properly. Contractors will remain on the site until September in order to carry out final pieces of work and to complete work on the pumping stations at the Harbour and Black Rock. Down District Council will continue to liaise with NI Water about the best use the old part of the roof can be put to for amenity purposes.dn_screen

Newcastle Councillor Carmel O’Boyle said: “This is a momentous achievement for all of us. As a Council we should be proud that the years of lobbying to secure this £14m investment in our Newcastle water treatment infrastructure have been worthwhile.

“It means that we can now seriously move towards achieving Blue Flag status for our beach which is so important to a town that relies on tourism. In addition, the embargo imposed on planning applications due to the inadequacy of our former sewerage capacity has now been lifted. Planning applications are starting to be processed more quickly although occupancy restrictions will remain in place until 1 July.

“Newcastle should be proud of the new  water treatment plant that has been provided for our town by NIW.”