Newcastle Dog Trainer Calls For Dogs For Cancer Research


COULD your four legged friend help save lives?

Cancer and Health Protection Dogs are looking for dogs between the ages of one year and four years old to take part in medical detection trials that could lead to a human life being saved from serious illness.

[caption id="attachment_43028" align="alignleft" width="390"]Dogs are being trained to nose our early stage cancers. Dogs are being trained to nose our early stage cancers.[/caption]

Bill Thompson, veteran dog trainer from Newcastle, County Down, said: “If you have a dog with a good nose and does not come from a detection dog background, we are keen to talk to you.

“All dogs must be micro chipped and hold a current licence and up to date with all veterinary injections in order to take part in the trial. Those wishing to get involved would be on a voluntary basis. This project will start with a pilot scheme to begin with and will last for six months.

“The breed of the dog is not relevant. It will just have to show potential for the smelling tasks involved.

“The scheme is part of a programme of medical research involving dogs detecting early stage cancer in humans. It is a perfectly safe activity for the dog and is a very important cause. I have been involved in this project for about 18 months now and it is progressing well. Previously I have successfully trained dogs in medical assistance work.

“Recently I came across the case of a woman who had a very friendly pet labrador which one day made a heavy lunge at her side knocking her down. At first she could not understand this inexplicable behaviour but a short time later she was diagnosed as being in the early stages of cancer. Thankfully she is now cured.

“So to take part in this important and innovative life-saving work,  we will be holding an assessment day in Newcastle in conjunction with Falco K9 Academy UK  to see if your dog has what is needed to take part in the trials.

“If you wish to apply, please  email a photo of your dog and details of yourself to: “We are sorry that we can not accept telephone or postal applications at this time.”]]>