New Years Message from Jim Shannon, MP for Strangford.


New Years Message from Jim Shannon,  MP for Strangford.


Dear Editor,

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my constituents a blessed and prosperous New Year.

“I love Christmas, and I am sure that this is the same as many people, and sometimes there is a tendency to become a little downhearted that all the fun is over and we are back to porridge but I would take this opportunity to remind you that we are looking at a fresh New Year and this is an opportunity to make a difference and to make a change.

“I know that we all fall foul of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and that is not what I am advocating – I am advocating taking the opportunity to use this fresh slate to make a difference to the lives of people around us. As we think of our troops in Afghanistan and around the world, we are conscious of their sacrifice away from family and friends at all special times of the year in service to Queen and Country to secure the principles of democracy and freedom for all of us at home, will you take this New Year opportunity and decide to pray for them daily?

“Will you take this New Year opportunity and decide to turn off the TV and take the IPad from your child and simply talk about the day?

“Will you take this New Year opportunity and determine to visit your elderly neighbour or relative once a week?

“Will you volunteer in the local craft club or children’s work? If we were all to make our own individual determinations – myself included – the community that we live in could be so very different.

“I pray that this New Year brings you laughter, happiness and friends and family to support you through it all and I pray that we will all make the most of the clean slate ahead of us”.


Jim Shannon MP.



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