New Police Satisfaction Survey Launched


Down Area Commander Chief Inspector Deirdre Bones explained, “We are striving to get our service right every time and the feedback we receive from your survey call will be incredibly valuable. The results will be incorporated into staff training at all levels to ensure police officers are personally delivering the professional and protective service everyone is entitled to receive. We want to ensure we do our very best. “The surveys also give victims of crime who have been dissatisfied in any way with the service received, an opportunity to ask for Police to get in touch with them again and address any outstanding issues. “From listening to communities, we understand that consistent service delivery, for example calling and updating victims, is a critical part of policing with the community and we want to improve in this area. “All the feedback we receive through the surveys will be treated with the utmost confidentiality by highly trained and security cleared personnel and stored on a secure information system. “All we are asking for is a few minutes of your time to ensure we can improve our policing service which is in fact, your policing service. “Where we’ve got it right, we need to highlight good practice, but it is vitally important that we are also told about when we haven’t got things right so we can learn any lessons and have the opportunity to address any issues,” Chief Inspector Deirdre Bones added.]]>


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