Murphy presses Treasury on support for workers and families


Finance Minister, Conor Murphy this evening joined Finance Ministers from Scotland and Wales on a conference call with Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Stephen Barclay.

Minister Murphy said: “I was keen to press the Treasury on what immediate support is available to people and families. These are unique circumstances which require an unprecedented response.

“I welcome the support we have received so far as initial measures, however, there is definite need for further action and greater funding.

“I have asked the Treasury to investigate and consider as a matter of urgency what support is available to people who have been impacted in terms of wages and employee support. I have also asked for Treasury to look at options in relation to VAT and National Insurance.

“For many households this will have a direct impact on income so we must ensure all support possible is provided quickly in relation to essential bills like utilities. We must also engage with the financial institutions and how they work with people through this health and economic crisis. We must make sure there is no adverse effect on people’s credit rating as a result of this crisis.

“I have asked for specific measures to be investigated in relation to the aviation industry which offers vital connectivity.”


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