Multicultural Relationships Explored – Diversity Matters


“A great relationship is not  when a perfect couple comes together,but when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

Diversity Matters – Multicultural Relationships” by Dan Gebski and Inga McQuaid.

My name is Dan I am 40 years old and come from Poland. I am married to local girl called Aislin and we have a five year old son, Daniel.

This Blog won’t be about me or my family, but will be based on my true life experience. It will touch anybody who enjoys the joys of multicultural relationships and living in Northern Ireland especially in Newry.

And believe me there are joys in it but there are sharp bends as-well. Let me tell you… anybody who is living in a multicultural relationship should be proud of it. We are all  human beings and our blood is all the same colour.

So let me take you back 15 years ago when I came to Ireland at first.We are talking financially and economically. I have to say I was not impressed in the beginning with and it wasn’t easy but I had to get on with it.

In the next few years I moved to Newry and my life has changed dramatically for the better. I have never thought I would be married in a relationship with an Irish lady. In fact I was in long serious relationship for 15 years before. I met my wife in our work place and it was due to difficult circumferences in my private life. Let me tell you it was the best ever thing that could possibly have happened to me.

Myself and my beautiful wife Aislin were married in 2016 and having this beautiful son Daniel who is 5.5 years. I have to say that we are also expecting a new addition to our family in late December this year, so loads of changes are ongoing you see.

So Inga, who will be co-writing with me, and are going try to show in the following articles that multicultural relationships are very unique.

Inga will be creating two poems every each time to show that diversity matters. I think her contribution is absolutely amazing. We will be touching every possible subject on multicultural relationships including love, emotions, food, habits, clothing, fun, traditions and much more.

Inga McQuaid, blog co-writer.

Hello everyone! My name is Inga McQuaid,  and back in February 2006 I decided to take a leap of faith and booked a one-way ticket out of Latvia. I had no idea that the flight was taking me on a life changing journey. 

Now, over thirteen years later, I am a happily married woman to a Rostrevor born and bred man and we have three amazing daughters together. We still live in my husband’s home in Rostrevor.

Inga McQuaid, Latvian blogger and poet..

I was introduced to Joe, my husband, at the airport and I had zero English. I quickly learned the language and started writing in English as well as Latvian and Russian.

I love meeting new people, learning from them and sometimes sharing something I know. I enjoy having deep, meaningful conversations with people. I believe in connecting with other nationalities, traditions  and cultures .

I started writing poems and short stories back in school. It always came natural. I would take my notepad and a pen and go somewhere and begin to write my thoughts and feelings on paper. I had plenty of poems written by the time I finished my school. All in Latvian.

Today , I write almost every day in three languages.

( Check out the link to INGA’s poems. )

I write poems from my heart on subjects that are close to me. I want to bring people together, find something we all enjoy and I feel poetry , music and art are there to bring people together. To unite nations, to open minds, hearts and soul’s.In this column I will write about diversity, togetherness, how we can find things that unite us rather than things that divide us.

I strongly believe in that no colour, race, political or religious views should ever divide us. My poems are a glimmer of hope I hold in my heart. That we can all get along, enjoy each other’s company, share our talents, passions, culture we grew up in, jokes, life stories  and so much more.No matter what nationality or background we come from.

These poems are written to make us think, to make us stop and look how we are living, to unite us all. To change for the best and always , always have hope and belief in future. Together we can make something truly amazing of our cities, towns and villages. 

I hope you  enjoyed our introduction and we will be back on next month with our next column.

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