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How Effective Is Your  Mobile Marketing asks Phil Carrick ?

Mobile marketing produces more results more quickly than any other marketing channel in the history of the world, EVER!

A bold statement, YES! However, this is backed by good reason, research and stats. Let me tell you why I know that.  Whilst mobile marketing is still in it’s infancy the facts so far do not lie and show no signs of abating. We as smartphone users are an intimate bunch, we do very little without having our little friend beside us 24/7.  Now this is a Marketer’s dream! Tap into the enormous benefits of using this little device as a marketing magnet. So, does Mobile Marketing work? I’ll let you be the judge of that!

1. ‘Off The Scale’ Response Rate – Mobile ‘Apps’ have a facility built into them that enables businesses to send immediate notifications directly to their customer’s smartphone.  These ‘Push Notifications’ are opened and read by an astonishing 97% of people…WOW!  Let’s just put this into perspective. The average email to a customer or prospect has an average 4-8% open rate!  This is so incredible that I have to say it again:

  • ‘Push Notifications’ are opened and read by an astonishing 97% of people…WOW!

2. Immediate Action –  A massive 70% of all mobile searches result in action within one hour of the search.  There is no other marketing method anywhere that can come close to these figures.

3. A ‘Captive’  & Intimate Audience – If you have a smart phone then you realise how addicted you are to it.  You are never more than an ‘arms-length’ away from it 24 hours a day.  You are a prisoner to your phone, it goes everywhere with you.  Many parents check for keys, mobile phone THEN KIDS!  You know that when it ‘beeps’ everything else around you STOPS, and you must see what your mobile wants from you!  This is a MARKETER’S DREAM! Here are a few crazy stats courtesy from Google:

  • *  85% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone
  • *  81% of these people TAKE ACTION as a result
  • 59% of these people visit the business, either in store or online after the local search
  • *  If your business cannot by found by smartphone users either by a Mobile ‘App’ or a Mobile Optimized Website, then your business will not exist far past 2014! Now, that’s scary!

So, let’s be blunt…..Mobile Marketing is by far THE VERY BEST form of marketing EVER!

4. High-Quality Leads – Our research shows us that conversion rates are up to 10 times higher on a phone than they are on the average website. Having your business available either as a Mobile Optimized Website or through a custom ‘App’ will have your customer’s eating out of your hand.  Your business is relevant, and that’s what Google and your Customer’s are looking for!  Your customers don’t have to scroll in and out trying desperately to find your contact number, only to find out that after they tap the number the bloody thing doesn’t call, annoying isn’t it!  Therefore, if a prospect calls from your mobile app or mobile optimized website then they are 10 times more likely to buy from you than your website (Source: Google).  So, in short Mobile generates the very best leads for your business.

5. Lights, Camera…ACTION! – Again, 90% of mobile searches lead to action and over half lead to a purchase.

In Summary:

Mobile marketing is a very different beast to traditional advertising such as printed media and even your website.  This is ‘intimate marketing’ at its best and the mobile marketing revolution is about to explode on the shores of the UK.  Let’s be perfectly clear……no other form of marketing comes anywhere close to giving you the same return on investment!


Phil Carrick is a published author and Founder of Acorn Mobile Marketing.  Having been trained personally by some of the world’s top online marketers, Phil is now able to bring his wealth of experience to the UK & Ireland, and is passionate and enthusiastic about helping small to medium sized businesses defy the downturn.  Please visit and Phil and his team would be only too happy to show you how your business would look and benefit from a FREE Mock-up Smartphone App or Mobile Optimised Website.


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