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Millisle PS Pupils Are Eco Warriors In The Making
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Millisle Primary School’s Year 2 Students Manage School Recycling Programme.

Recycling Officers from Ards and North Down Borough Council visited Millisle Primary School on Thursday (11 April) to support students with their recycling efforts.

Clive Catterson and Paul Fisher delivered informative and educational presentations to the 5-11 year olds to support them in recycling their school’s waste.

Recycling Officers Paul Fisher and Clive Catterson deliver a presentation to students at Millisle Primary School.

The children came to the attention of the Council as a result of their impressive waste management programme. Year 2 students have taken over the responsibility of the school’s recycling management by making sure bins are being used correctly in all areas of the school, and not just in their own classrooms.

“Our pupils empty the bins after lunch every day and they tell other classes if their bins have been contaminated,” said Year 2 teacher Jenny Corrie. “They also suggest other ways that they can recycle, by cleaning out yoghurt pots and putting them in the blue bin for example.”

“The P2 pupils also empty our food caddies,” she added. “They’ve been learning how to tie knots in the bio-degradable bags and pop them into the brown bin. We’re very proud of them – they’re definitely eco-warriors in the making!”

Ards and North Down Borough Council is encouraging better recycling in schools and businesses across the Borough and a switch to fortnightly collections means it is vital that everyone correctly disposes of their waste.

“We’ve been working with schools to prepare for the change,” Clive Catterson revealed. “It’s very much about getting all staff and pupils working together to do more recycling. As the students at Millisle Primary School have shown, it’s a great opportunity for them to get involved and learn about the importance of recycling.”

“The recycling team at Ards and North Down Borough Council have been blown away by their efforts. Their knowledge and enthusiasm is incredible and I hope all schools in the Borough can see the benefits and implement similar schemes that students can get involved in.”