Michael Savage Says South Down Is A Two Horse Race


Savage vows to fill the Remain void left by Lady Sylvia’s departure from Westminster as North Down MP.

SDLP Westminster candidate Michael Savage has said the decision by Lady Sylvia Hermon not to contest the election means the need for South Down to return a Remain Candidate who will take their seat is more important than ever.

SDLP Councillor Michael Savage who is standing in the Westminster election for South Down has vowed to take his seat at Westminster if elected.

He said:  “During the last Parliament, Lady Sylvia was a lone strong voice for the majority of people in the North who voted Remain. Her seat in North Down is likely now to fall to the DUP and as a result this makes it essential for the people of South Down to return the only candidate who can wrestle the seat from an abstentionist MP and ensure that a Remain voice is heard from the benches to fight Boris Johnston’s Brexit plans.

“Be under no illusion, South Down is a two-horse race and is a straight fight between the SDLP and an MP who won’t take his seat. A vote for any other candidate will lead to an abstentionist MP being returned.

“I will fill the void left by Lady Sylvia if elected by the people of South Down and I will fight Brexit and its negative impact on our economy, our farmers and fishermen and our hard won peace. I will fight for everyone on the issues that matter to them such as Health, Education, Jobs, Welfare, Farming, Fishing, Infrastructure and Investment.

“South Down needs a strong voice on the green benches at Westminster and I am the only person who will ensure that voice is heard.”