McMurray Says Attendance At Flood Meeting Is Important

Down Leisure Centre DfI flood meeting needs your support says McMurray

Residents and businesses affected by October 2024 flooding should attend the drop-in session at Downpatrick Leisure Centre on June 26th, says South Down Alliance Westminster candidate Andrew McMurray.

Alliance South Down MLA Andrew McMurray is encourage residents and businesses of Downpatrick, and surrounding areas, to participate in the Department of Infrastructure (DFI) review into the October floodings, by attending Downpatrick Leisure Centre’s public drop-in session on the 26th June. 

Downpatrick Leisure Centre is holding an open evening, on the 26th June from 4-7pm to allow residents and businesses adversely affected by the floodings in October last year to share their experiences and help with the DFI’s independent review. 

South Down MLA and Westminster election candidate, Andrew McMurray, is urging people in Downpatrick affected by the 2023 flood to attend the consultation session in the Down Leisure Centre organised by the Department of Infrastructure.

Mr McMurray said: “I would encourage residents and businesses alike from Downpatrick and the surrounding areas to go along and participate in this drop-in session.

“Listening to the voices of those who were affected by the flooding is a vital aspect of the review. 

“Watching what can only be described as a slowly rising tide of flood waters inundating the town last year was utterly devastating, and the impacts of the flooding are still visibly being felt.

“The unfortunate reality is that due to the climate crisis we are facing, weather systems of a higher intensity have led to flooding incidents in our district and it is very likely to happen again in the future.

“It is therefore important that we take urgent action to tackle climate change and introduce measures to protect our community should such a weather event happen again. 

“I am dedicated to continuing the work of the Alliance representatives who have been leading the front in this regard, by physically helping and working with business owners and residents impacted by the floods. 

“Going forward, it is important to ensure that not just responsive actions are in place, but also pre-emptive actions such as the development and resourcing of a Department of Infrastructure Flood Forecasting System.”