McMurray Says Alliance Will Push Green Economy

Alliance To Prioritise Green Economy says Cllr Andrew McIlmurray

Alliance To Prioritise Green Economy says Cllr Andrew McIlmurray

“As your Alliance Councillor for Slieve Croob, I have continued to fight for our community on council, and heading into this election, I want to make investing in the Green Economy one of our top priorities.

“Where other parties want to spend tens of millions on new council offices in Newry or the Mournes Gateway Project, we will oppose investing your money in facilities we do not need and that harm our natural environment.

Alliance Slieve Croob Councillor Andrew McMurray says that his party will prioritise a green approach to council business.

Alliance wants to create green new jobs to help grow our rates base and reduce the burden on you, the ratepayer.

“I know first-hand how important our environment is – we are fortunate enough in Slieve Croob to live in and be surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on the whole of the island.

“And working in outdoor instruction with mainly young people I get to appreciate this every day.

“But protecting this landscape and preserving it to be enjoyed for all our future generations is also one of the reasons I got involved in politics.

“I will fight to protect our natural environment from over-industrialisation and environmental degradation so that we can enjoy the natural beauty we have.

“Also, I will support the development of greenways and active travel throughout the district so that we can make the most of these landscapes without damaging or destroying them.

“This will improve all of our mental and physical health in a safe, sustainable way.”

Andrew McMurray added: “Investing in the Green Economy is just the first of Alliance’s top ten priorities for Newry Mourne and Down.

“I am looking forward to being part of a bigger Alliance team in the next council mandate.

“We will campaign for greater openness and transparency in the council, deliver the Albert Basin Park for Newry, oppose the Newcastle Gondola in the £44m Mournes Gateway Project in favour of investing in local services, restore our County Town of Downpatrick.

“And we will challenge any rates increase that does not advance these priorities.

“Even as a team of three Alliance councillors we have a proven track record, bringing more Notices of Motion than any other individual representative, and we are the third in overall Notices of Motion proposed, despite being only the fifth largest party.

“With a bigger team after this election, just imagine what we can get done and will get done.

“This Thursday, 18th May, I am asking you to vote McMurray 1 in Slieve Croob, because Alliance works.”