McKevitt Urges Vigilance on Elderly Safety

SDLP South Down MLA Karen McKevitt is urging people to continue to make sure their elderly neighbours or relatives are secure in their homes, after a 90-year-old-man found an intruder in his South Down home at the weekend. She said: “This certainly must have been a frightening experience for the victim and I hope that he is able to put it behind him. “Thankfully, there were no reports of any injuries, however, sometimes the emotional trauma of dealing with somebody entering your home can be hard to overcome. “I appeal to anybody who has elderly relatives or neighbours to continue to look out for them and make sure that they are comfortable and safe in their homes. “Unfortunately, some people in our society take no shame from targeting the most vulnerable in our society. I wish the gentleman a speedy recovery from his ordeal” The Newry man was not harmed but shaken after the intrusion. ]]>