McGrath Welcomes De La Salle High School Investment


Downpatrick Councillor Colin McGrath has welcomed the Department of Education’s investment in the school meals facility at the De La Salle High School worth £169,734.

Councillor McGrath said: “Many other schools in the area have benefited from investment and contributions of late and I am delighted that the school has been granted these monies.

“I hope it is an indication by the department that there will continue to be education provision by the school on the site for many years to come.dn_screen

“The students at De La Salle have always excelled when they have been given investment and I hope this addition, albeit to the ancillary side of educational life at the school, will be utilized to meet student needs.”

The £4.4million investment in the Northern Ireland schools’ estate by Education MInister O’Dowd is for the  Minor Works Scheme. Speaking about the investment, Education Minister John O’Dowd said: “Since January this year, £23.8million has been allocated to minor works contracts with £4.4million being invested in 42 contracts during the month of June.

“This ongoing investment in the schools estate is having a positive impact on pupils, teachers and school staff and provides a much needed boost to the construction industry at what is a challenging time for local firms.”

During the past year 40 new school building projects were given approval to proceed representing a potential investment of £353million.

The Minister added: “These major projects obviously generate a significant amount of interest and have a positive impact not only on those individual school communities but also on the local economy. However, in addition to these more high profile projects, it is important to note that there continues to be investment in the schools estate on an ongoing basis.

“I am confident that the ongoing substantial investment in the minor works programmes will help in the drive to improve educational standards. The completion of these works will ultimately provide better facilities for our children and young people to learn in and an improved working environment for teachers and other school staff.”