McGrath Says Wise Up To Fly Tippers

Colin McGrath Calls for end to Fly Tipping. 

The SDLP’s Colin McGrath MLA has called for an end to fly tipping as the problem has reared its ugly head along the Old Course Road in Downpatrick.

Commenting, the Colin McGrath said: “During ordinary times I get multiple issues relating to fly tipping raised with my office. I work closely with the local council and other bodies to ensure these are cleaned up as soon as possible.  We ask that those who are carrying out these irresponsible actions to stop doing this.  These aren not ordinary times, and even if they were, fly-tipping is still unjustified and unnecessary.

South Down MLA Colin McGrath has
called on fly tippers to ‘wise up’.

“I have contacted Newry Mourne and Down District Council and asked them that when they are able to clear up this mess that they should do so.  However, the message that must go out today to those who are carrying out these actions is quite simple: wise up.  

“Our local council is another organisation that is stretched to capacity at present and is constantly having to adjust to providing a public service in these highly uncertain days. As a result of this reckless and potentially dangerous exercise of fly tipping, which may contain contaminated material, you are only adding to their work load and potentially endangering their staff.

“It is each of our responsibilities to ensure that the Covid-19 virus is eradicated as soon as possible.  That means staying at home.  It means ensuring a high level of hygiene. It means showing concern for those around you and showing personal rsponsibility.  This reckless behaviour negatively impacts every one of those three points and will only serve to create further problems.

“I am grateful to the council for the pubic service they continue to provide and reiterate the message to those who are leaving their house and creating these problems for others – stay at home and wise up.”