McGrath Says Quoile Bridge Needs Urgent Solution

The Quoile bridge on the Killyleagh Road has in recent years experienced a number of vehicles driving into it causing significant structural damage to the bridge, damage to the vehicles, and also potential serious injury and risk to the cars’ occupants.

A recent crash left a gap at the bridge’s parapet and was a danger to the public. Traffic speeding downhill from the Killyleagh direction too quickly have been forced to break and skid. There is a 25-foot drop behind the wall and the River Quoile just feet away could, if flooded, submerge a car. It is a serious risk to drivers and the public.

South Down SDLP MLA Colin McGrath visited the site on the Killyleagh Road junction at the bridge with the Finnebrogue Road and said that “an urgent resolution is required at the Quoile Bridge for the health and safety of the public”.

South Down MLA Colin MCGrath pictured at the Quoile Bridge in Downpatrick where a bad bend is causing traffic issues.

Speaking at the bridge. Mr McGrath said: “This has been an ongoing issue and is one which needs to be addressed properly if there is to be a positive resolution. Road safety is a key issue here.  I have received reports from constituents who are incredibly concerned at the movement of traffic in this area.

“People are driving towards the bridge from the Killyleagh direction are doing so at a speed that is just too fast approaching the bridge bend, causing skidding and then subsequently smashing into this historic bridge.  What ensues is a running stream of costly repairs coming out of the public purse which could have been otherwise avoided and money spent which could have been saved.

The Quoile bridge on the Killyleagh Road has experienced a number of cars crashing into it causing significant damage.

“I believe that we need some sort of lighting system put in place for cars who are moving downhill towards the bridge advising them to mind their speed and slow down. Also, the rumble lines on the downhill slope are very badly worn and need to be replaced. Possible signage too could be improved such as indicating ‘dangerous bend’.

“I want to reassure my constituents that I shall be making representations to the necessary public bodies to see what can be done here to ensure the health and safety of road users and the wider public.

“Also, I would advise all road users to exercise care on this part of the road in the meantime.”