McGrath Says More Investment Must Be Found For Downpatrick


Councillor  Colin McGrath has said council must do all it can to support Downpatrick traders and businesses.

dn_screenCommenting, the SDLP’s Downpatrick Councillor said: ‘When one examines the public accounts it is fair for the traders of Downpatrick to suggest there is a bias towards Newcastle.

“I think the investment and development of Newcastle is important and necessary but so too should development for the County Town of Downpatrick.

“There was a time when the district’s festivals were equally distributed and that helped local economies but with Halloween and Festival of Flight in Newcastle and a full summer season of activities too – it is now necessary to fund Downpatrick beyond a St Patrick’s Day event.

“We are still in tough economic times and the recent development of the Chamber of Commerce in Downpatrick is an ideal opportunity for council to provide funding for events and attractions to bring increased footfall into the town and help local traders.

“I shall be exploring this matter further with council officials and hope that investment can be found to provide activities and events that bring additional people and money into the county town and support local traders.”

Soon the St Patrick’s theme will be developed further to attract more visitors to Down District and the Downpatrick Chamber of Commerce has reformed to address some of the key pressing issues facing local businesses.