McGrath Concerned As Ulster Hospital Closes Two Wards

Two Wards close at the Ulster Hospital due to Covid-19

Two Wards close at the Ulster Hospital due to Covid-19

Two wards have been closed in the Ulster Hospital due to COVID-19.

A spokesperson for the South Eastern HSC Trust said: “It is the Trust’s policy to test patients for COVID-19 on admission to hospital and on day 5-7 during their stay, or if they develop COVID symptoms.

“Over the past month, 96 patients have tested positive on admission to the Ulster Hospital. 16 other patients have tested positive during their stay.

South Down MLA Colin McGrath has expressed his concerns at two ward closures at the Ulster Hospital due to Covid-19.

“COVID positive patients are admitted to side rooms/bays which are designated for Covid patients. There are a number of designated wards for Covid positive patients.

“On occasion, non-Covid patients are admitted to these wards due to their clinical condition and requirement for specialist treatment (such as Respiratory), however, they are segregated.”

McGrath is concerned at ward closures at Ulster Hospital

South Down MLA Colin McGrath has expressed his unease at the continued impacts of Covid-19 on healthcare and said: “Firstly, I would like to wish all those who have contracted Covid a speedy and full recovery.

“It is obvious that Covid still remains a significant issue in hospitals, and keeping patients spread apart and preventing cross contamination is key.

“I am sorry to hear that some wards in the Ulster Hospital have had to shut. This is a reminder of the ever present danger that Covid can have on our delicate health service.

The Downe Hospital in Downpatrick could be used to support the fight against Covid as the Ulster Hospital closes two wards says Colin McGrath MLA.

“Of course the health service was in a precarious position before Covid and the decisions take to scale back the provision at the Downe Hospital are coming back to roost.

“If there was more availability at the Downe then the Trust would be in a better position to deal with situations such as this.

Mr McGrath added: “I hope the Trust will reflect upon that and we can see the space at the Downe Hospital utilised to its best capacity to help with this difficult Covid situation.

“All patients are risk assessed on admission and prior to placement and are kept under review during their stay. This includes regular testing, as per the PHA guidance.

“Infection prevention and control measures are in place in every ward.”