McGrath Backs Longer Sentences For Dangerous Driving

Longer Sentences For Dangerous Drivers Supported By Colin McGrath MLA

South Down MLA Colin McGrath has lent his support to selfless campaigners seeking to increase the length of sentence in cases of dangerous and drunk driving leading to fatalities.

The South Down MLA said: “Countless families across our communities have suffered the unimaginable pain of losing a loved one as a result of careless and dangerous driving.

“I want to pay tribute to the selfless and courageous campaigning of those victims who have delivered the proposals to increase the tariff on cases where death is caused by dangerous driving from 14 to 20 years.

South Down MLA Colin McGrath.

“The recommendations also include an increase to the tariff for careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.

“Too many lives have been lost on our roads as a result of the selfish actions of those who get behind the wheel drunk.

“And too many families and communities have been devastated by these crimes. 

“I hope that the increased sentences will act as a serious deterrent to those who think about driving under the influence of drink or drugs or without insurance.

“Also, I hope that those who lose loved ones in these unimaginably difficult circumstances see justice.

“I am calling on the Justice Minister to prioritise this legislation and to bring it forward before the end of this Assembly term. These changes will have my full support.”

Hard hitting TV too have recently focussed on TV promotions on the use of mobile phones while driving being the cause of many unnecessary road accidents and fatalities.