McCormick Says Local Interests Could Be Key To Kickstarting Tourist Economy

[/caption] “There are fascinating sites such as the Loughinisland Churches, the Annadorn Dolmen and the Ballynoe Stone Circle, to name but a few, which could attract so many more visitors from outside and within Northern Ireland if more was done to promote them. “Take the example of the Annadorn Dolmen. Few people know it exists, the site is not easily accessible and there is no information sign to let you know anything about the site itself when you arrive. Yet these hidden gems of our past history can be part of the  mechanism to reinvigorate our local economy by attracting visitors. He added, “I believe that with our scenic countryside, historical sites and places of interest we have so much potential to attract government investment and visitors as a means to support our neglected local economy. Promoting our historic sites is also very for developing our own local identity and sense of history. “It will be one of my  priorities if elected to work with the Cultural and Economic Development Department at council to continue to and seek better ways to promote our local and rural tourism product,” said Mark McCormick.]]>