McCallister Urges Drivers Not Not To Drink And Drive


Independent Unionist MLA John McCallister has urged constituents to take heed of the police Christmas crackdown on drink driving.

dn_screenMr McCallister said: “With Christmas work parties and nights out in full flow, it’s vital that everyone makes travel plans and knows how they are getting home.

“PSNI statistics show that officers made seven arrests every day during last year’s festive period. Some of these people were so drunk they could barely stand.

“The sensible advice is not to drink at all if you plan to drive. Often people will say I will just have one pint or a small glass of wine. However, there are lots of factors that come into play and could lead to you being over the limit. What you have had to eat, your mood, tiredness, sickness or being on medication all plays a huge part and just one drink can impair your decision making ability.

“Another issue that keeps coming up and one I always remind people about is driving the morning after.

“It makes sense that if you have been out the night before maybe drinking till the early hours, then you are not going to be fit to drive to work, nip to the shop or collect children. It simply isn’t worth the risk of causing an accident, killing or seriously injuring someone never mind the risk to being caught and losing your licence.

“Designated drivers or taxis are the only safe way to travel this Christmas – it really is the only sensible way to go and I urge everyone to stay safe,”  added Mr McCallister.