McCallister Calls For Education For All

[/caption] “This is failing our children miserably and is something I am hearing about on the doorsteps on a daily basis. I believe our children should not be treated as an ideological football. By now many leaving primary school will have had to endure the added burden of multiple examinations. I will continue to champion their cause.” Mr McCallister has spent the past week canvassing in the Newcastle and Downpatrick areas – with education top on most people’s agendas. “Threats to prep-school funding in Downpatrick continues to cause alarm. I will also make it my priority to push for a start date for the re-build at Down High School. “Every year I am faced with frustrated parents trying to secure a nursery place. Hard-working families are the ones being discriminated against, and if re-elected, I will do all in my power to review the criteria and make the necessary changes. “I remain passionate about securing better childcare and early years support. I believe our local nursery schools do a fantastic job, but they are being let down by the system. “I am asking the people of South Down to put their trust in me and vote John McCallister No 1 on Thursday 5th May, to secure a better future for all our children,” he added.]]>