Maximum Benefit in Minimum Time at Smartbell… Fun Included


Maximum Benefit in Minimum Time  at Smartbell… Fun Included
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It’s a new year… and now is the time to get a new body… your own body into shape.
SMARTBELL FITNESS aims to work you over from top to toe and to help you achieve “maximum results in the minimum time”. Michael Laverty, owner of Smartbell, said: “It makes exercise fun and enjoyable. Our clients have enjoyed working out with us in the past and have seen great improvements in their body shape. If our clients show commitment we will provide them with the motivation to get the best from their workout.
“We recognise each individual is different, with different goals and we offer free consultations through email or answer any queries at our sessions in order for you to achieve your fitness and health goals. One client recently said: “It’s really great, works every muscle in your body and good fun.” We take into account that not everyone can do every exercise, so we offer you alternatives if this arises. Any level of fitness can truly workout with us. We offer classes for men and women. Our timetable is available on our website, , as well as interesting health and fitness information. [caption id="attachment_35530" align="alignleft" width="280"] Michael Laverty in action during one of his Smartbell training sessions.[/caption] Currently, women’s sessions are on a Monday and Wednesday at 8pm. For the men’s sessions, just call Michael to get information about times. All classes are held at Kilmegan Centre which is within the church grounds in Castlewellan. Each session is only £3. And whatever  fitness level you are targeting, you are more than welcome. We anticipate more sessions will become available with the growing popularity of this training.” Michael said that most participants stick in his workout schedule, to the same exercise style, but continually change the routine of the exercises in order to keep your body from adapting to the exercises. In this way you get even more benefits. We simply use weights according to your fitness level and body weight exercises. Exercising the entire body differently each session means an even and balanced shaped body which will leave you feeling more energetic, stronger, fitter and healthier. And long-term health, fitness and well-being of Smartbell’s clients is an what is sought and when you show that extra ounce of commitment, Smartbell is there to push you on to your next level. Michael added: ” We aim to improve balance and joint stability, to prevent injury and to reduce wear and tear of the joints. The sessions are non-intimidating and fun. A big focus is given to enjoyment in order to keep you motivated and pressing ahead with your exercises. As well as fitness for men and women, we also welcome and prodice fitness training for sports club, or if you and a group of six or more friends wish for a private session, give us a call.” Exercise is very important at a time of rising obesity levels and other health problems. “In Northern Ireland 59% of adults are either overweight,  (36%) or obese (23%)…These figures demonstrate the scale of the problem and the enormous challenge we are facing.” (Edwin Poots, 2012).  Michael Laverty,  speaking spoecifically on obesity, said: “This is just one of the health issues we are looking to help people combat “We aim to help raise their own self-esteem, confidence, mental strength and physical condition while also helping to decrease the likelihood of other health problems such as diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. “Smartbell Fitness also promotes the social benefits of exercising. It is definitely a first class healthy place to meet new people and socialise. This makes for a pleasant a fun exercise experience. Smartbell is an innovative new exercise class. Anyone aged 16-50 is very welcome. We appreciate the fitness levels of everyone who attends, and the excellent friendly atmostphere makes the experience uplifting for each of our clients. Why not come along and try out a great way to get into shape. ”  

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