Shannon Launches Maritime Exhibition In Portaferry


 to get a glimpse of the very rich Maritime history that Portaferry has. In ten years there were thirty ships built in Portagerry at a time when wind power ruled the waves and before engines took over. There were many ships that left Portaferry to go to the USA and Canada and one of those going to Quebec. The passengers were told to report on Saturday and if the wind was fair it would sail on its epic 38 day journey by sea.

“The relationship with the Titanic was just as strong… many tradesmen and workers from the village were employed on the Titanic and there were families related to those who sailed on that memorable and fateful journey.

“In pictures, in stories and in the dramatised history, this exhibition recreates a time of Maritime History that Portaferry and other residents had a great part to play. Come and see for yourself and enjoy exhibition – it is truly wonderful.”