Malone And Brown Call For Ratepayers To Join Meeting

Newry City Centre Regeneration Programme will be the subject of discussion at an online consultation meeting this Wednesday 14th April at 7pm.


Newry City Centre Regeneration Programme will be the subject of discussion at an online consultation meeting this Wednesday 14th April at 7pm.

Newry Independent Councillor Gavin Malone is calling on people across the Newry Mourne and Down District to join an online public meeting organised by Newry 2020 on Wednesday 14th April at 7pm.

The meeting is to discuss the Newry City regeneration programme and there will be a panel of councillors and others to discuss this important stage of development.

Newry Cllr Gavin Malone

Cllr Gavin Malone said: “It is important that as many people across the district join this meeting as possible. Ratepayers across the district will be facing the costs of the projects that are proposed currently in the regeneration plans and I believe that the £15million planned for a new civic centre is unnecessary.

“I think investment is needed in the Newry area but this part of the project in particular is not economic given so many of the council workers are now working from home. So everyone is welcome to attend the online meeting to make their views known.”

Brown Backs Malone.

And in response to the decision by Newry 2020 to host a large public meeting on Wednesday 14th April at 7.00pm to discuss the Newry City Centre Regeneration Programme, local Alliance Councillor, Patrick Brown, is also urging the public from the Newry community and beyond) to join and contribute to the discussion.

Cllr Brown said: “There will be an important public meeting. It will be chaired by local broadcaster Kevin McAllister.

“It is an opportunity for local voices to be heard and for decisions around how public funds are invested to be influenced.

“The Newry City Centre Regeneration Programme is currently under public consultation, however, Council quietly announced this on its social media and it limits the public’s ability to have their say.

Rowallene Cllr Patrick Brown.

“Therefore, this is now a chance for the community to hear elected representatives debate, in an open forum, the merits of the proposed plans to invest over £35m in the city, including £15m+ on totally unnecessary office space.

“I feel strongly that it is completely irresponsible to spend such a large sum of public money on offices, when there are already perfectly sufficient facilities in Downpatrick.

“Instead, investment must be made into projects that will actually benefit those who live and work in the area, such as allocating funds to the Albert Basin Park Project, which would be a much-welcomed green space.

“Although parts of the proposed plans are pleasing to see – such as the new theatre and conference facility – there is a need for Council to scale back its plans for a civic centre and acknowledge that the needs of the community are around High Street regeneration and modern shared spaces for work and leisure.

“As such, this meeting is a key opportunity for the public to have their views heard and questions answered directly, so I would encourage as many people as possible to join. You can register at the link below.”