Loughinisland Hit Better Form Against Mayobridge

Loughinisland GAC enjoys win over Mayobridge in a competitive match

ACFL Division 1

Venue: Loughinisland on Friday 31st May 2024,

Final Score: Loughinisland 2-10 0-9 Mayobridge

Both teams have had some inconsistent form as the season gets underway but it was the home side Loughinisland who rose to the occasion to produce a convincing win over visitors Mayobridge writes Jim Masson.

Mayobridge won the throw-in and tried to push Loughinisland but the home side broke down the left wing with the help of Aaron McClements trying to press forward.

Then it was Jamie Savage’s chance to open with a point but he kicked wide in play. Then Gavin McDonald tried to make ground in the Mayobridge half and Savage got possession but hit wide.

On 8 minutes Loughinisland made a strong run again and this time Gary Stranney opened the scoring with a kick from the 16 metre line.

Loughinisland seemed to be getting on top of the visitors and Stefan Mason made a strong run down the right wing but lost possession eventually. Savage then took a shot from the 14-metre line but went wide.

Loughinisland’s first goal: Dean McLaughlin, right, palms the ball into the Mayobridge goal from a pass from Declan McClements on his left. (Photos by Jim Masson / Down News ©).

Then a ball from Aaron McClements went to Paddy Megoran who took his point well under pressure from the Mayobridge defenders.

Mayobridge had threatened the Loughinisland half a couple of times but didn’t make much progress towards the goal area but eventually they got on the scoresheet with a good point from Sean O’Hare.

Mayobridge then settled into the game more and play was less one-sided. A couple of minutes later Shane Keenan hit wide of the Loughinisland posts.

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Liam McManus then pointed for Mayobridge levelling the match and Conal Poland received a short pass from midfield and made a short run kicking over for a point putting Mayobridge in the lead.

The second half commenced with Louighinisland again pushing hard and after a clearance by defender Eddie Nixon Declan McClements made a strong run and kicked over for a point squaring the match.

Declan McClements who helped create the first goal in the second half for Loughinisland against Mayobridge.

Loughinisland dug deep and kept good possession and PJ Mckeown secured a point from a kick from 20 metres and minues later McDonald just mussed a scoring opportunity by a good interception by a Mayobridge defender and the visitors broke quickly upfield.

Sean O’Hare was in possession approaching the Loughinisland goal area and kicked but his shot went wide.

Conor Megoran then pointed for Loughinisland but there was a quick reply from Mayobridge with a point from Declan McClements.

Then as Loughinisland stepped up the pressure Declan McClements made a strong run to the Mayobridge goal and passed to Sean McLaughlin who palmed the ball down into the Mayobridge goal in the 68th minute putting his side ahead 1-05 to 0-4.

Liam McManus attacking the Loughinisland goal.

Mayobridge bounced back and won a free and took the point. And another point further increased the Loughinisland lead to a clear 5 point advantage as the clock was ticking.

Then it was Declan McClements again who passed to Nixon and in he won a free for a high tackle and McClements took the kick for a point.

But Loughinisland kept going and Mason hit a volley at the Mayobridge posts which just crept over the bar.

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However, the visitors were not lying down and they attacked with all they had and Sé O’Toole took down Liam McManus who was charging towards the goal area. The subsequent free kick was taken by Caolan Gallagher who converted the point well.

Then Sean O’Hare was penalised for a holding foul on Nixon but Mayobridge made a quick break and Paddy Liveley took the point. And as Mayobrifge scrambled for more points, Conleth O’Hare was just wide of the Loughinisland sticks with a kick in play.

Loughinisland forced themselves back onto the game and Aaron McClements was a fraction wide on his kick at the Mayobridge goals.

Then as the match was almost over, Lively passed to McManus who took a good point bringing Mayonbridge just 3 points from Loughinisland – could they claim that goal to equalise or close the gap ?

Loughinisland defender Eddie Nixon clears up after a Mayobridge attack.

As Loughinisland’s Aaron McClements passed to Gary Stranney close to the Mayobridge goal, a defender grabbed the ball but touch the ground with it holding the ball and the foul was given – Conor Megoran took it from the 14-metre line and secured the point.

Then as Mayobridge thgrough everything up front, a defensive error saw Mason get in possession and chipped the ball over the head of keeper Michael Fitzpatrick into the net for a goal that settled the outcome of the match.

Again Mayobridge surged forward but a counter-break by Loughinisland saw Mason take a final point putting Mayobridge to the sword.

This was a tough Division One match for both teams which could have swung either way but Loughinisland managed to control the match better especially into the second half and were sharper around the goal taking.

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Loughinisland GAC: 1 Chris Turley 2 Eddie Nixon 3 Paddy Megoran 5 PJ McKeown 6 Odhran Barlow 7 Gary Stranney 8 Declan McClements 9 Aaron McClements 10 Gavin McDonald 12 Dean McLaughlin 13 Conor Megoran 14 Stefan Mason 15 James Savage 25 Sean Cochrane 26 Sé O’Toole.

Mayobridge: 1 Michael Fitzpatrick 2 Shane Keenan 3 Conor Fitzpatrick 4 Cormac McAlinden 5 Kevin McClory 6 Shane McNamee 7 Conal Poland 8 CJ Barr 9 Jamie Barr 10 Brian Grant 11 Kevin O’Rourke 12 Caolan Gallagher 13 Dillon O’Hare 14 Liam McManus 15 Sean O’Hare. Sub: 17 Paddy Lively.