Lord Of The Dance Spends A Penny

Down News has been reasonably straight laced and always acted in the best possible taste in the interest of all concerned, BUT… there comes a time when caution has to be thrown to the wind and the nettle grasped (excuse the mixed metaphors). youtube for all its warts, sins and shortcomings is a melting pot of fun, laughter and interesting insights with a lot of dross, mundane and unsavoury clips thrown in. It’s a bit like life, when the good bits are interspersed amidst more unwelcome moments. A youtube video clip was drawn to my attention by a keen advocate of Irish dance who  saw the funny side of how Irish dance may have come about… but of course didn’t!!! But just for that one brief moment, reality is suspended and you have to ask the question… well, did it? Of course it didn’t… but watch the video clip just to make sure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0rrLdWLu_0&feature=player_embedded IF YOU HAVE AN INTERESTING CLIP ON YOUTUBE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH DOWN NEWS SURFERS, JUST EMAIL ME @ jim@downnews.co.uk AND IT MAY APPEAR IN BRIGHT LIGHTS. BUT OF COURSE, IT HAS TO BE IN THE BOUNDS OF THE BEST POSSIBLE TASTE…WELL ALMOST!]]>