Learning: A Blog By Dan Gebski And Inga McQuaid

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” (Leonardo da Vinci).


“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” (Leonardo da Vinci).

In 2004 I started on my journey in Ireland. I have to say I have learned a lot since writes Dan Gebski, a Polish blogger.

Looking back in Poland I had a lot of hobbies like playing guitar or training in marital arts. But during the period of 16 years here living in Newry I have gained some skills I have never ever dreamed of.

  • I wrote my first blog on diversity to a local paper.
  • I have conducted over 30 interviews with amazing people for an online newspaper.
  • I have spent loads of time outside with my family enjoying great air at the sea front, something which I did not have in Poland .
  • And the most important thing is, I have brushed up my English language which was at a very basic level back then.
  • I have learned how to appreciate my life more.(40 year old man syndrome).
Polish blogger Dan Gebski living in the Newry area writes on ‘Learning’ with help from Inga McQuaid, Latvian blogger and poet.

According to my friend Inga McQuaid (a Latvian blogger), learning something new is always very exciting.

Inga said: “As a child, back in Latvia, I was very keen to sign up for something new. I took up singing, dancing, drawing, knitting , puzzle collecting, writing, and church singing.

“Some things like writing and reading stayed with me until today.

“Of course, once we begin to form our own families and have children and finding time is a real struggle.

“When I arrived to Northern Ireland I quickly noticed that there are new exciting things to try out.

“I quickly began to decorate, learning the basics of colours, fabrics and tones.

“Also I got involved in charity work in later years and that gave me a sense of purpose. To this day I help a lot of people in need .

“My children took up horse riding as well as singing, drama, Gaelic football, ju-jitsu and lots more.

“I find that in Northern Ireland the possibilities of classes and adventures are endless. It is absolutely fantastic !

My daughters and I went to self-defence classes and we really enjoyed learning how to protect ourselves.

“I would encourage anyone to try something new . It doesn’t really matter what it is. Learning new things is stimulating, it makes you more versatile and opens up your mind

“Learning” : Poem by Inga McQuaid

We learn something new every day,

Some things we like, some – throw away.

Some things stay with us for maybe some time,

Some last us a lifetime, some never die.

It’s so exciting to learn something new.

At first,not too sure, we open the book.

It may take some time to master the art

Or glues to you quickly, awaiting to start.

Learning, exploring gives wisdom and wit.

Interesting baggage to carry and fit.

Adding new colours to our new days,

Making it brighter and laying new ways.

Then we pass knowledge to our young clan

Making their lives little brighter somehow.

They learn and explore, find and collect,

Sing and write, draw and respect.

Learning new things is what drives us to live.

A promising new day to be a right thrill.

Everyone finds their new hobbies, and that

Gives us direction for our new path ahead.